New semester started today. We will be posting new items to the wiki early next week. This is going to be exciting times in science 90...get on board.

Finals begin Jan 22 and run through Jan 27. For further information visit :

Here is the link for This I Believe

This I Believe
This is an exciting time in Grade Nine. We have been invited to participate in a GLOBAL adventure. For several years Mr. Fisch, a teacher in the United States, have been involved in a project called This I Believe. This project involves students writing an essay and then adding their voice to their thoughts by podcasting the essay. We will be able to see and hear what the world values. We will be able to comment and interact with peers from around the globe. How exciting and powerful to have voices from AE Peacock heard around the world.
I would like to add a twist to this assignment and ask that families get involved. It would be wonderful to hear This WE Believe. Our personal values are grounded in family values and this would be another opportunity to discuss what is important to your family and share these thoughts.
I will NOT be assigning topics....obviously. However, as we are connected to classrooms in other countries we are bound by a timeline. The essays will be due on November 14. This includes having a podcast completed. Much of the technical part of this assignment will be done in class. Please start the family discussions!!!

Here is a few new sites with beatnik lingo. The other doesn't work anymore. What a shame

OK today we are going to post our Haikus to the wiki. I want this done on each of your pages and then we are going to make a Haiku Page and put the collection there. Then we are going to make great strides in getting our Beatnik poetry. No pressure but I've invited a class from Winnipeg to critique our work. I have some sites bookmarked here to help you with your poetry. The first one is vocabulary from the Beatnik "scene" and the three Youtubes are a really cool example of Beatnik poetry in action. Again no pressure but people are watching you!!

I love my job!! Today we worked on Chemistry Poetry. We will be doing poetry readings next week. They will all be filmed and posted to the Wiki. We are working on Beatnik and Haiku styles of poetry. Please feel free to help out with the poems at home. We have even enlisted some students from the Fine Arts dept to play double bass and drums for our reading!

Here is a nice little review of Scientific Notation. Yes we do math in science which is why it is so cool.

September 12
Today the students created their own labs. They had to write up a problem and a procedure for testing the best bubble blowing bubble gum. It was nice and quiet today in the science lab!! My hypothesis that bubble gum is like soothers for teenagers was correct!

Oh Yeaaaah
Girls rule.
Safety goggles
Future marketing geniuses

September 11. These are pictures of the students doing the Penny Lab.
Check out the science!

Friday, September 5
Mrs. Rosso's reign as champion of Gymblast came to an end this Thursday. The month long celebration that had been planned will now be replaced by the study of The Scientific Method!! Good times...Good times.
Our first lab will take place this week.
Look back over your notes and learn the six steps to The Scientific Method.